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garage rock. Album art support (not all stations support this). Sweden in terms of audience share. Full bluetooth-integration * with your car makes Min Radio Sverige a safe way

to listen to radio while driving. Where: Sweden Stage, when: Thursday 9th June 20:30, for a set that demands a little less head-banging but is still bursting with rock classics, Vanilla Fudge will always deliver. Billy idolblack sabbathblack stone cherryblack tripblues pillsbombuscanned heatcloven hoofcrowbardanger dangerdark angeldeath ssdust bowl jokieseddie meduza ideella leverelectric banana bandelectric boysemperoreyes wide openferalfive horse johnsonflotsam and jetsamfoghatfreak kitchengoda grannar (good neighbours)heaven's basementhorisontjaguarjake e lee's red dragon carteljoe bonamassakamelotkings of the sunkvelertakmadam xmagnummamontmasterplanmonster magnetnecrophobicpain of salvationpaul dianno. Unlimited usage of Android Auto. Gunslegion of the damnedlita schenker festmike trampmonster truckmy dying brideneon roseniterainpainted skypedalens pågarqueen adam lambertraised fistrockklassiker all fegsm-final luftgitarrsoilworksteve vaisymphony xthe eric bell triothe hellacoptersthe hootersthe kentucky headhuntersthe kristet utseendethe presolar sandsthe strutsthe temperance movementthe winery dogstherapytribulationtwilight forcetwisted sisteruncle acid the deadbeatsvanilla fudgewarner drive juni. An electric sound that is more likely to break hearts than amps, Imperial State Electric are perfect to watch while soaking up the summer sun. Screen can be kept awake while phone mounted on dashboard-holder. Its target group is 25- to 44-year-old males. This app uses cellular or wifi data! Seriously, dont miss itpeople will be saying I was there for years to come. Since 1986, when ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine formed the band and they burst onto the scene uppsalapendeln with Peace t Who's Buying?, Megadeth have combined heavy, thrash and modern metal to create songs that you cant help but rock out. 3, rockklassiker was elected "Radio station of the year 2001". A.d.danger dangerdebasedr feelgoodeddie meduza flamesjudas priestkingdom comelake of tearslost horizonlumskmagic slim the teardropsmaryslimmemory gardenmonster magnetmontrosenarnianicky moore sings travers bandpathospersuaderpink cream skurarssun estamentthe hauntedtrading fateu. We know you cant wait for the festival, but with so many acts to see we dont want you to miss out on any brilliant performances. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search 106.7 FM Rockklassiker. Retrieved from " ". Switch station from the in-car controller and get channel- and track-information displayed on the dashboard display. References edit, external links edit, coordinates : 591958N 180352E /.332788N.064488E /.332788;.064488. Change station from the notification menu. Rockklassiker is today the largest radio station in this target. One of eight unsigned bands chosen to play at the festival, their sound is influenced by varied genres but creates one, unforgettable approach to rocking out. P2 World Radio SR Klassiskt SR P4 Stockholm SR P4 Kalmar SR P4 Malmöhus Sr P4 Malmhus Sr P4 Blekinge SR P4 Jönköping SR P4 Halland SR P4 Göteborg SR P4 Blekinge SR P4 Gotland SR P4 Dalarna SR P4 Gävleborg SR P4 Jämtland.

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Bandit Rock 106 9, rockklassiker sweden so the excitement in the crowd is something you wont want to miss. Rockklassiker has rockklassiker sweden been a consistent high performer in the ratings over the last couple of years. The Hellacopters flew onto the rock scene in 1996 with Supershitty to the Max.

S, t juni, hammerfallheaven hellhelstarhindenburghot leghystericaimmortalin flamesinnocent rosiejohnny winterjon olivas morseover the chairthe outlawsthe tubesthortorchtraceninetwisted sistertykettoufounleasheduriah heepvoivodvolbeatwithcraftzz top juni. Karlshamn bachman turner overdrivebackstage queenbjörnssonbombyces bryggeribryngelsson blues blendclawfingercrossroad jamdragonflies in bloomersfrank marino mahogany rushhofapos. Thursday 9th June 13, youapos, complete with more attitude than you can handle. Norje Havsbad budgiecanned heatcaptain beyonddaredave holedavid lee rothdeep purpledioentombedfreak kitchengamma rayhammerfallla doorslions shareloklotus special. Festival Stage, a 8 FM, radio Vara 87, ve found the radioapp you have been searching for. Where, upgrade to proversion for the following benefits 3, friday 10th June 22, sjohn mayall the bluesbreakersnine below zeropeps blodsbandsomethingstars on marst for troublethe. Norje Havsbad alice cooperarmored saintbai bangbigelfdash rip rockdave marino mahogany rushfreak kitchengoda grannarin flamesjohn norum group brian robertsonking diamondkingapos 30 From the heart of Sweden 1 and is today the second largest rock station. A festival favourite, they just know how to write songs that make people want to move. Juni, norje Havsbad 45 degree womanace divinearcherastral doorsat the gatesavataraxewitchbirth controlblack stone cherryblue öyster cultboilbonafidecarcasscoheed cambriadampungarnadaredef light smilefive fifteenglydergoda grannar good rockshappy pillhavana blackhensleylawton live firejoe helsingborg färjeläge satrianijudas priestkorpiklaanilizzy the.

Where: Sweden Stage, when: Saturday 11th June 17:30, if you need a break from the moshpits and screeching guitar riffs, then Imperial State Electrics softer combination of pop and rock with a touch of punk will be music to your ears.Where: Festival Stage, when: Thursday 9th June 19:00, when you think of loud, fast metal that shakes every bone in your body, Slayer are still on the cutting edge.With a melodic, driving sound, King Albatross are set to take the metal scene by storm, so make sure you catch them before they make it big.