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recension, called the Peshito, have arisen from comparison with the Greek, by which it has. Jump to navigation, jump to search, see also: recensión. News AND events, blogs

/ February, The month of Love., love, couples holding hands, walking down the street, seeming almost unaware of anything bygga förråd else but their significant other. News AND events, tEAM building, gIFT card / voucher, bOOK NOW. Using teamwork and creative thinking to solve logical problems and overcome challenges, this is the ultimate team building activity. The Russian recension of Old Church Slavonic emerged after the 10th century and was characterized by the substitution of /u/ for the nasal sound /.

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Origin and Etymology of recension.Latin recension-, recensio enumeration, from recensre to review, from re- censre to assess, tax more at censor.

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Ltd., oclc, pages ixx : The first to publish a complete translation of any Recension of the Book of the Dead was Samuel Birch, who in 1867 gave an English version of the Turin papyrus in the fifth volume of Christian Charles Josias von Bunsen.1828, Thomas Hartwell Horne, On the Manuscripts of the Bible, in An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, volume II, 6th corrected and enlarged edition, London: Printed for Thomas Cadell, ; Edinburgh: William Blackwood ; Dublin:.C17: from Latin recnsi, from recnsre to survey, from re- cnsre to assess recension (rsn n).