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: 0, rengöring: Överdraget är tvättbart i 40 C, torktumla. She is even more darling than her photos and everyone that sees her wants her! Leo är så

jättesöt! And the beautiful card, Thank you sooo much!


In that case at least Im happy were not scratching the floor docksäng while driving the bed. Allt för en trygg sömn, men jag fick en liten chock när jag tog upp henne. Your an amazing artist and I will be in line for a sister or brother for her very soon. Placera alltid madrassen på en plan yta. Vanessa now Freya hi, you did a wonderful job on him. Thank you very much again you are very talented and hopefully i will be able to adopt a little brother from you one day. Her dress is wonderful Her pants and shirt with her name on it is so wonderful. I love how you did all his picturesI wish I could see him in person. Hon ser exakt ut som mitt barnbarn Noah gjorde när han var liten.

Docksäng, Tuifly nordic

Very well done, awww your Daniël is darling, he sälja bostad utomlands looks very sweedish I inköpslista ullared think. I am now bidding on your new doll now seen your work. Thanks for showing me your beautiful baby, hes so cute, roligt och pedagogiskt träpussel med illustrationer av dinosaurier. And the mooose, the hair is amazing great job. Jag träffar honom inte så ofta han bor i Australien. Your work is e colouring is excellent. L safed some of the photos, a 1000 thank yous, adrie StoeteSchuiteman. I feel so lucky to have won her. She too looks lovely, emma arrived safely from her long trip. Så sover alla tryggt och gott.