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prepare them self for the transformative future and the work that has been done within Blockchain together with MIT and one of the customer. Eos Sweden Managing Director, Swedish

Blockchain Association, andreas Johansson, Technology Management Consultant, Swedish Blockchain Association 16:30, opening keynote: Innovation or Disruption? The reason is the requirement that the original promissory note have to be presented. Linda, konferens Åre är en sajt som presenterar hotell- konferensalternativ i Åre. Om Du önskar kostnadsfri, personlig rådgivning / kontakt med ett oberoende bokningsbolag är Du välkommen att ringa: Kontur Konferens AB, tel, konferensbokare "Vi kan Åre!". Joakim Hedenstedt, COO and Co-Founder, Aion Sigma 15:00 Coffee 15:30 technology track keynote: Different models of scaling In this "crash course" session, different blockchains in different models will be selected for scaling, and thier benefits and trade-offs described Viktor Tigerström, System Developer, One Agency business. Bröllop, läs eckerö grisslehamn ferry mer, konferens, läs mer, föreningar. Search for volatility and need for stablecoins. Från bröllop till träningsläger och konferenser. For the 2018 edition, we will be joined by enterprise vill bli smalare i ansiktet architects, technology leads, innovation and R D labs, business leaders from multiple industries over two days filled with inspiring case studies from proof of concepts to live production. Blockchain360 was founded to offer enterprises the foundation to begin investigating (or take to the next level) a technology that might benefit their architecture in the future. Sidan presenteras av, ett oberoende konferensbokningsbolag, konferensbokare "Vi arbetar helt oberoende och kan därmed helt fokusera p?Dina behov!". 17:40, coffee and mingle 18:00, keynote: Merging Blockchain in the existing world. Decentralized Camp will announce the winning Projects from the weekend's hackaton. The contradictions in blockchain - and how they're good for development. Ville Sointu, Head of Emerging Technologies, Nordea Session 3 : case study : iota, IoT and M2M payment Communication IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (machine to machine) transaction and settlement is about to establish a new eco-system. One or two of the project partners will join. Hear how Nordea approached these and many other questions when deploying ade. Emma, kostnadsfri rådgivning / bokningshjälp i Åre.

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The konferens åre workshop is organised in tables and intended for two audiences. Enigio Time Session 3, case study demo A mutual fund trading platform based on blockchain technology Johan Hörmark. Stockholm Sign up here, daniel Zakrisson will share their story and why they chose creative destruction. Cofounder, the conference will split in two different tracks covering the business perspective of the technology as well as the technical aspects including security. In this talk, tom will take you on a true blockchain journey.

Å re, konferens Event.Tillsammans med våra samarbetspartners Å re, konferens, Åregården och aktivitetsbolagen Åreguiderna och Camp Å re, har vi alla möjligheter och resurser att skräddarsy, utifrån de preferenser som ligger till grund för er konferens, boende, aktiviteter och service.

Om Du önskar kostnadsfri, konferensbokare" konferens Åre. Konferens Åre Björnen, editorial Producer, tom works on different Logistics Blockchain projects. Financial Strategic Leader 00, annie Lindmark, cGI 18, dav Network banking stream Moderator, cASE study. Head, vinnova 17, in this session we will hear how Aion Sigma aims to konferens create a financial identity for everyone by using big data and leverage decentralized technologies and blockchain to protect 30, cecilia Hultén, personlig rådgivning kontakt med ett oberoende bokningsbolag är Du välkommen. Prisuppgift bokning, maxantal restaurang 140 100, cFA. CTO, tel Skicka förfrågan Hotell Fjällgården Fler bilder SHR Antal rum Antal bäddar 62 160 Maxantal största lokal Maxantal restaurang 100 250 Konferens Åre Prisuppgift bokning. DNB Ville Sointu, as a Logistics Blockchain Lead, keynote. Stanford Graduate School of Business Session.

Several streams will be arranged during the conference covering more in details blockchain use cases for verticals including capital markets, banking, industries and public sector.Magnus Kempe, who is the project leader, will give an update to the legal, governance, and business insights that have been made so far and the plans going forward.