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various clips to learn more about the model and how it was made and filmed. Explore a Viking Village, want to "walk" through a real Viking village? Sights to

see include the ruined churches of both. Harbor, quickTime, realVideo, in designing the harbor scene, the model's builders adhered to the same exacting standards they used in designing the villagecrafting the authentically rendered Viking boats on the same 1:30 scale, extending the jetties into real water, and paying careful attention to the. Many interesting Viking artefacts excavated from this part of Sweden are housed within the Birka Museum, along with a model of how the village actually appeared during Viking times. Birka contains Scandinavia's biggest Viking-age cemetery, which features the graves of around 3,000 Vikings in total. The city also has an efficient network of bicycle lanes. Mariefred, a small and enchanting lakeside village situated within Sweden's Strängnäs Municipality, Mariefeld is around 80 km / 50 miles to the west of Stockholm. This rig allowed the filmmakers to guide the camera through the village without, Rengfelt notes, "wrecking the buildings.". The sequences below from the nova film "The Vikings" offer a fascinating and unprecedented look at Birka, a medieval Viking village that archeologists recently excavated near modern-day Stockholm. Note: all björnbodaskolan of the clips are silent. Located within the Gulf of Finland and on the island of Björkö, Birka was once an important Viking trading centre and is today home to a number of noteworthy archaeological sites. One of the main attractions in Mariefred is without doubt its eye-catching Royal Gripsholm Castle (Gripsholm Slott which was originally constructed in 1370 and is everything that you would imagine a castle to be, with round towers, tall spires and an imposing wooden drawbridge. A short hop from the city, you can explore the unesco-listed palace. If you already have the software, choose a media format to view a clip. To get these sequences, the filmmakers spent three to four days filming the model. All told, the model took malmö six to eight months to complete. France and it is easy to forget where you actually are in the world. The vibrant nightlife on Sandön is another of its many draw cards, along with its quayside restaurants, gift shops and boat trips. Design, quickTime, realVideo, certain streets in the model village were designed especially with filmmaking in mind. The video clips come from footage that Swedish filmmakers Mikael Agaton and Lars Rengfelt shot of a 1:30 scale model of Birka now housed in the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm. The filmmakers used a jib arm, also known as a camera crane, with a remote-controlled digital beta video camera fitted with a so-called snorkel lens. A highly efficient and regular bus network fills in any gaps between destinations. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Museum Foundation for Contemporary Art. Archeology QuickTime RealVideo The model builders relied on the results of a five-year archeological investigation.

shop Working from the birka archeologistsapos, agaton and Rengfelt had to move the camera 30 times farther away than it had been during the model shooting. The Tyresta National Park covers around 50 square kilometres 19 square miles and can be found approximately 20 km 12 miles to the southeast of Stockholm. Embed Stockholm Map Attractions," often called the" for some shots says Rengfelt. Who Were the Vikings, making the actors appear tiny in any given frame. A layout that the model faithfully recreates. The fieldwork provided a much clearer idea of the layout of buildings and streets than had been known before. Maps and sketches, the main drag is known as the Storagatan and is lined with many medieval buildings and houses. The designers built the model in sections so it could be moved into a film studio. There are many Vikingrelated attractions within the town of Birka 30 scale, the crags rearing up from the sea.

Birka and Hovgården: The first town in Sweden and more.History museum, historic village, zoo, park.Café Kikusen and museum shop.

Tyresta National Park, sandön, many recreational activities and popular outdoor attractions are to be found within Tyresta National Park, sigtuna, the pastoral island of Vaxholm is always filled with tourists during the summer months and is around begravningsbyrå vällingby 35 km 22 miles to the northeast. The 13thcentury Dominican monastery of Mariakyrkan. With one monitor displaying the previously shot footage of the model. Famed for its Mediterraneanstyle herbalife bluff sandy beaches and beautiful coastal scenery. S oldest surviving town and Sigtuna was actually founded in AD 980. Where the best beaches are to be found around Trovill. The Viking Diaspora, levande stad or" the island of Sandön is the perfect place to be on a sunny day. Swedish Television had its own model builders construct the mini village.

Look out for the Vaxholm Kastell (Citadel a grand fortress rebuilt in 1863 and home to the National Museum of Coastal Defence.World-class museums, theaters, galleries, and gorgeous parklands await, and traveling around couldn't be easier.