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flik synonym

Publishers. You might even get an urge to move your hand and flick the fly off your hand. 4 verb, if you flick a switch, or flick an electrical

appliance on or off, you press the switch sharply so that it moves into a different position and works the equipment. Peck, the crow pecked his hand. Camera shutters clicked all around. Tug, a little boy tugged at her sleeve baby shower mat excitedly. V n prep, flick is also a noun., n-count.a flick of the whip.

The car jerked to a halt. Throw, flick knife A flickknife is a knife with a blade in the flik synonym handle that springs out when a button is pressed. More words related to flick brush verb. V n fromoff n, the horse brushed the flies off. Rogetapos, shirley flicked a speck of fluff from the sleeve of her black flik synonym suit.

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She sighed and flicked a dishcloth at the counter. Ncount oft a N, sweep, touch lightly dab noun, jab remove quickly hit. A guard raps his stick on a metal hand rail. She hit him hard across his left arm. A flick of a paintbrush, tap the egg lightly with a teaspoon.