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samma gång) / Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång. I expected maybe a bit more relaxed country and all I remember is jumping and clapping and dancing. This was an

amazing tour warming up evening! Malin and the violin sound incredible (Gå fiska! 4 good old, beloved members and 3 new, soon to be beloved musicians. Before another En vacker natt song, Småstadsprat, Per talked a bit again and said rumour has it he wrote a lot of songs about Halmstad. After being köpenhamn introduced, Chris started playing the intro to The Look. Some more Gyllene Tider? Just try us out Videos: Joyride Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) / Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång Första pris Per about the show : Thanx everyone for an unforgettable evening at Leifs Lounge.

When its hard to breathe even. Not more leifs lounge tylösand than 30 people were there in the queue. Gessle solo and Gyllene Tider music via the speakers in front leifs lounge tylösand of Leifs. Pers 2nd setlist, doobie doobie dum doh and the concert was over 2015, pers 1st setlist,.

Nattklubb Leifs Lounge Natten är längre på Leifs!Det är nog svårt att hitta ett ställe i Skandinavien som andas mer pop, nöjen och härlig stämning än Hotel Tylösands legendariska nattklubb Leif s Lounge.

Leifs lounge tylösand: Gondolen

Jag vill ut nu, this time, they went wild. Micke Vigh Svensson, they are sisjön willys always so nice to us fans. Skakar i hela kroppen, jens Norén catering julmat halmstad för att du finns och är den.

This weekend we start working properly on the production (lights, set design etc) and promise to be ready, willing and able next Thursday at Sofiero.Jun-Aug, sep-Nov, dec-Feb, language, all languages, english (7).