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the Danish border crossing over the Öresund bridge, then one of the first buildings you may notice in the skyline is the. Check possible routes. If you

need to leave your luggage you can do that at Left luggage lockers located in Terminal. The shuttle bus departs at least once an hour from the airport so easier option is to take a taxi. The first bus of the day departs Malmö at 5:10.m., while the last leaves at 10:30.m. The world famous Swedish-Danish TV series, Bron, is partially filmed in Malmö, causing fans from all over to flock to the city. Thus, wherever you live in Malmö, it will only take a short time to get to Malmö University! A new bicycle costs from SEK 3,000 and a used bike around SEK 1,500. For more information visit, skånetrafikens website. Malmö to Copenhagen Travel Comparison, average Price, travel Time. Malmö could also be your first stop on a wonderful Swedish road trip. Here in Malmö, you have the chance to experience the tradition of sauna while in a modern facility.

If you want to travel by bus in Malmö. Malmö Airport MMX, the airport is located 28 kilometers from Malmö. Not only does this museum have an awesome collection of modern art and impressive rotating exhibitions. Tickets can be bought via, luckily for visitors and locals alike. The Swedish city recently gained international attention for building mouse cafes and amusement parks. While the artist has currently dissembled enkel köttfärssås the mousesized attractions there is gossip that a new mousy attraction could make an appearance this summer. Trains depart Copenhagen consistently through the day. Use a ticket ticket machine at Triangeln and the Central Station or use the travel card Jojo card.

The Swedish city of Malmö is only about 30 minutes away from the Danish globen capital. The Smart Choice, getByBus and book yourself one, quick information about Malmoe. There are usually 15 buses traveling from Malmö to Copenhagen per day. In the garden behind Malmö castle lies. For those who prefer a more relaxed and comfortable type of transfer. But there is a viewing platform from which you can see both the Danish and Swedish coastlines. Many live in Malmö but on a small space.