If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions.Noun edit mens m ( plural mensc ) month Etymology edit From Proto-Indo-European *méntis (thought).Close-fitting shorts for men are a great choice as sportswear, as they will not trip you up or cause any drag during the events.

Liten mensblödning

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Svart mens

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Menscykeln dagar

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Noun edit mens ( plural mense ) person ; human being, alternative forms edit, etymology edit, from, old Norse mean.You can use a hoodie in more formal men's clothing styles by pairing it with other pants that are more formal and not made of denim, especially if you also wear a sports jacket or blazer over the ensemble.

Pronunciation edit Noun edit mens people.One such item is the hoodie, and there are multiple ways it can help you structure the rest of your clothing styles and choices.With the cold, finding wardrobe options for men that provide adequate warmth and protection from the elements while remaining reasonably in fashion is key.