The Spaniard has since had varying degrees of success in the dugout at Chelsea, Napoli and Real Madrid, yet is currently revered at Newcastle.Riise then went to Fulham, Cyprus, India, back to Norway and back to India!Attacking midfielder Šmicer came off the bench in Istanbul for his last Liverpool outing, scoring Liverpool's second goal and final penalty.

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Famed for quick feet and outrageous hair, he subsequently played for clubs in France, England, Greece, Qatar and Russia.Winner of 38 England caps, he has become a television pundit and columnist since retirement.

Dietmar Hamann, a catayst for the comeback against Milan, midfielder Hamann converted the Reds' first penalty of the shoot-out and enjoyed one more season before stays with Man.He left in 2007 for Atlético, subsequently plying his trade in Greece, Mexico, India and Australia, and later going into punditry.He excelled throughout his five-year Anfield stint before even greater success with Real Madrid and Bayern.