Information on current problems and pending legislation.Information on DoubleClick Inc., and the company's acquisition of Abacus Direct.Information about law enforcement access to bank records and the Right to Financial Privacy Act.

Epic explained that the Attorney General claimed "harm to ongoing matter" as the primary reason for withholding information, but that phrase is nowhere to be found in the Freedom of Information Act.Darpa was developing a tracking system intended to attempt to detect terrorists through analyzing troves of information.Resources on the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (ferpa Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (ppra drug testing and school searches.

This page explains preemption and why preempting state authority is a bad policy decision for individuals' rights.White, gives a detailed overview of location privacy issues and provides a framework for approaching the issues in a coherent fashion.'Fusion centers' are a means of bringing together information from distributed sources for the purpose of collection, retention, analysis, and dissemination.