Four Top Books For SAT Prep

With plenty of SAT books to select from, how can you differentiate the good books from the bad one? You don’t want to worry. This article suggests the Best SAT Prep Book and the ways to study effectively to help you get the scores you want to achieve. You will spend a good time for preparation to get a good score on the SAT exam, look for the right guidance and advice to boost your preparation.

As suggested by, to improve your SAT exam score, you want to do several online test series and it is guaranteed to increase your score by several points.

There are plenty of SAT prep methods available, preparing using book is one of the options. Some choose books because of the cost factor, and some others feel that books are the self-motivated option and they help to teach themselves. If these are not the reasons to select a book, then choosing this option is a disappointment and should not help to boost your preparation.

To increase your SAT score, you must learn from your mistakes. Otherwise, you require some additional help to improve your score. If you are preparing the SAT exam for the first time, then you don’t have as many materials as the students who prepared for the past years.

The official SAT practice questions offer practice tests, explanation of test structures, and explanation of the answers. It has full-length practice tests with detailed answers. The practice tests help the new SAT preparation students, but the explanations given for the answers are not useful for self-learning students. It is only the practice test book with questions and answers, and you could not depend only on this for entire preparation.

SAT Black Book is not enough to prepare by itself, and you will probably require supplement help. It is the best motivator for SAT preparation, and it has practical strategies that are more helpful than other books. It includes some alternative strategies to solve the questions and recommends you follow any of the given strategies that work well for you. But the drawback is, it is not updated for the latest SAT syllabus and contains some outdated portions.

The Critical Reader 2nd Edition is the best book for SAT reading since it is the difficult section to score well. The logical reasoning skill section is not as easy to master as grammar rules or math concepts. This book teaches you how to approach the passage to get the correct answer and contains several realistic pages. The writing style of this book is one of the drawbacks since it is clinical and dry like the academic books.

Steve Warner’s series of SAT Math books is the great option for beginners, intermediate and advanced students preparing for the SAT exam. It contains over 200 SAT math problems categorized by difficulty level based on topic. The teaching concepts in this book are helpful and clear. They teach you how to speed up solving the question. The teaching method focuses on skill level improvement. The book split based on topics and to get a large score, and you want to buy several books separately on those topics.