Tips To Prepare For An Interview


When you have a professional resume ready, then preparing for a job interview is fairly easy. All you need is confidence, and you should be technically strong. Most of them stammer to answer about their weakness and hence you should search for greatest weakness examples before you appear for the interview. This will give you an idea about what to say during your interview.

If you think a Master’s degree holder can ace the interview without any preparation, think again! Even postgraduates with an MBA degree will need to follow these simple guidelines according to the website

What To Expect In An Interview
Interviews can be conducted through many modes
Telephone- The employer will get in touch with the candidate for an initial round of the interview who satisfies the requirements. If the applicants pass through this stage, then they will be called for a face to face interview.

Video Call- For most of the graduate roles in fields like sales and marketing video interviews are taken either through Skype or Facetime. This is also an initial level of the screening process.
Face-To-Face Interview-Once the company you applied to feels that you are suitable for the job role then there are more possibilities of calling you for a face to face interview. It can either be a formal one or can take place over lunch. There are chances that many people can interview you in different time slots.

Panel- This is more or less like a one-on-one interview. People from different departments of the company will access you to check on your skill set.

Group-Though these types of interviews are rare, it still exists. As the name implies a group of candidates will be interviewed at the same time. They will be asked questions consecutively, and few topics will be discussed.

An important advice given by prominent career consultant TCM is to be prepared well in advance. So, you must check with the recruiter on the type of interview that is being held and do the required homework before appearing for the interview.